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The Legal Practice Board of WA regulates lawyers in WA (other States have their own equivalents). They publish some great information on costs and your lawyer/client relationship.

Legal Practice Board Fact Sheets

Legal Practice Board Forms

If you are the DIY type there is a LOT of online information on the internet. However, caution is needed as laws differ (often very much!) between countries and even between jurisdictions within countries. Also, a lot of information is unreliable or just wrong. So, use care, be sceptical and seek professional advice if you have any doubt about the information you find. Some of the following links may help you or at least help guide your search for information,

Family Court of WA - Documents, Kits & Information

Family Court of WA - Handbooks: Children's & Property Cases (read in conjunction with Case Management Guidelines)

Representing Yourself at a Magistrates Court Trial

Restraining Orders (Magistrates Court of WA)

Extraordinary Drivers Licence (Magistrates Court of WA)

Criminal Matters (Magistrates Court of WA)


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