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Now Legal is an online, fixed fee law firm.
We offer a range of cost effective legal services. Fixed fees provide certainty and transparency and mean you know what you are paying before you buy. We do not charge large up-front fees and offer payment plans for some services.
Our personal approach and online structure lets us deliver quality legal services to our clients anywhere and anytime.


Marriage certificate

Family Law

Consent Orders, Property Orders, Parenting Orders, Divorce, Financial Agreements

Will document

Wills & Probate

Wills, Probate, Letters of Administration, Enduring Power of Attorney, Enduring Power of Guardianship, Advance Health Directive


Commercial Law

Solicitor’s Guarantee Certificate, Debt Collection, Trust Deeds, Shareholder Agreements, Non Disclosure Agreements

Court house

Restraining Orders

Interim Restraining Orders, Negotiations, Undertakings, Final Order Hearing


Family Law

  • Consent Orders $1200
  • Binding Financial Agreement $1600
  • Divorce Application $300
  • Applications - $990 to $1400

Wills & Probate

  • Simple Will $150
  • Simple Wills - Couple $270
  • Enduring Power of Attorney $110
  • Enduring Power of Guardianship $110


  • Solicitor Guarantee Certificate $250
  • Trust Deed $250
  • Letter of Demand $80
  • Acknowledgement of Debt $450

Restraining Orders

  • Negotiations & Undertaking $600
  • VRO Application $600
  • Final Order Hearing POA


Now Legal is an online law firm staffed by lawyers admitted to practice in Western Australia and is subject to regulation by the Legal Practice Board of Western Australia. Now Legal has the same mandatory professional indemnity insurance as traditional office based law firms. Our lawyers are client and result focused and experienced in a number of areas of law.

We differ from traditional law firms in our virtual structure. Our use of technology lets us avoid large overheads (like high office rents, and expensive marketing). We pass the savings to our clients through our fair, fixed prices.

We conduct most of our business online, saving you the inconvenience of trips to a lawyer’s office at inconvenient times and making your location largely irrelevant. Many of our clients live or work in remote/offshore locations. Email, Skype, online chat and our secure client portal are all used to make consultations and document exchange easy and fast. 

For those not comfortable with technology or who prefer not to (or cannot) travel, we offer after hours, in-home appointments. Traditional office appointments are also available if you prefer.

We believe legal services should not only be fairly priced but also easier to access. Certainty and transparency are also important and, as far as possible, you should know what legal services will cost before you hire a lawyer helping you avoid large, unexpected legal bills.

We are an online, boutique law firm offering fair, fixed prices. If you can get online or on the phone you can use our services - wherever you are!

Fixed prices = transparency, clarity & certainty
Low overheads = lower prices
Online structure = flexibiliity & convenience

Our free initial consultations means it costs nothing to ask if we can help!

Fixed fees provide certainty about your legal costs and prevent surprises (like big bills arriving down the track). We provide most of our services on a fixed fee basis.

The list below sets out our fixed fees (excluding GST) for standard matters. We do not charge extra for consultations outside business hours. Your actual fixed fee will depend upon the complexity of your matter and how long it takes to resolve. We will discuss and agree costs with you up front so there are no surprises.

Some matters (due to their nature and/or complexity) are better suited to hourly rates. Our hourly rate is also set out in our fee schedule should that method of charging better suit you. Again, if the hourly rate is applicable to your matter, we will discuss and agree this with you up front.

We offer a free initial consultation so its costs nothing to ask if we can help!

Initial consultations can be paid online by Master card or Visa. Any ongoing services can be paid by Master Card, Visa, PayPal or bank transfer.

Court and other filing/lodgement fees
Registration/regulatory fees
Cost of serving documents
Courier costs
Stamp duty
Copying and binding
Any other costs we pay on your behalf (disbursements)

If your Family Court matter is mostly about your children, you may consider applying for a grant of legal aid. Legal Aid WA can also assist in some property matters through their Alternative Dispute Resolution program. However, all Legal Aid WA services are subject to qualifying conditions. Contact Legal Aid WA to check if you qualify.

Community Legal Centres offer low or no cost services in various areas of law. Again, there are usually qualifying conditions and you should contact individual centres to find out what conditions apply to their services. Details of Community Legal Centres can be found through our information page.

DIY is an option for some people. This can be with or without some background support from a lawyer, Legal Aid, CLC or other service. DIY resources are available and some are listed on our information page.

We sometimes offer our services on a flexible payment basis depending upon your circumstances and the nature of your matter, our current workload and the merits and complexity of your matter. This is typically done for property settlements in the Family Court. However, it never hurts to ask!

If you want us to consider acting for you on a “flexible payment” basis, please let us know during your initial appointment. We will need the following (where applicable) in considering your request:

1. Any letters from any previous lawyer;
2. Any letters from your former partner or any lawyer acting for your former partner;
3. Any Family Court documents/orders or Violence Restraining Orders;
4. Your Pensioner Concession Card or Health Care Card (if you have one);
5. A list of your assets and liabilities and your former partner’s assets and liabilities; and
6. Any documents in relation to your financial affairs and your former partner’s financial         affairs.

Initial Consultations
Initial phone consultation (15 min) FREE
Longer or further phone/online consultation (30 min) $60
Face to face consultation (your premises, 30 min) $110

Fixed Fee Family Court Documents
• Application for Consent Orders $1200

• Draft Binding Financial Agreement (BFA) $1600

• Advice on (BFA) $600

• Family Court Application (Parenting) $990

• Family Court Application (Property only or both Property and Parenting) $1300

• Application for Divorce ($300)

• Trial advice – review and advise on trial material filed in a matter: $1500

Wills & Probate

Simple will                                            Individual $150             Couple $270
Enduring Power of Attorney                 Individual $110             Couple $180
Enduring Power of Guardianship          Individual $110             Couple $180
Will plus EPA (or EPG)                           Individual $210             Couple $380
Will plus EPA plus EPG                          Individual $320             Couple $550

Probate $400
Letters of Administration $600

Survivorship Transfer $330

Criminal & Traffic Law
• Draft Magistrates Court plea in mitigation $500

• Negotiate with police/prosecution to attempt to have charges downgraded/consolidated      $900

Restraining Orders
• Negotiations and undertakings – negotiation and preparation of documents $600

• Application for Interim Violence Restraining Order $600

• Solicitor’s guarantee certificate $250 (+$99 for each additional person)

• Trust deed $250

• Acknowledgement of Debt $450

• Caveat $300

• Letter of Demand $80

Hourly rate
• Where a fixed rate is not appropriate due to the complexity of the matter $300

Travelling & waiting time
• $150 per hour (where travelling time exceeds 1 hour (return) and/or waiting time exceeds 1      hour – shared if more than 1 matter)

We don’t charge you for
• We will not charge you for extra for writing you a letter or updating you on your matter on      the phone.
• Unlike many other lawyers, we don’t charge you in 6 minute units (unless the hourly rate          applies to your matter).

Not included in our fees
• Court and other filing/lodgement fees
• Registration/regulatory fees
• Cost of serving documents
• Stamp duty
• Copying and binding

or any other costs we pay on your behalf (disbursements).


Our secure client portal allows you to communicate with us as well as send and receive documents.



You can find the latest news and helpful information in our blog.



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